Controlling boot behavior with personality

Personality enables user-specified files to be injected into a server’s file system at boot. Personality supports only text files that are Base64-encoded and does not support binary or zip files.

A file path on the remote server is required as well as a path to the local file. The maximum length of the file path is 255 bytes. Up to five different file/path content pairs can be included.

If you specify a file for injection that already exists on the remote server, the pre-existing file is renamed with a .bak extension and a time stamp is appended, such as .bak.1246036261.5785. The .bak file is owned by the root user and a member of the root group.

The maximum size for each pair cannot exceed 1,000 decoded (versus encoded) bytes. If a larger file size limit is required, we recommend using a config drive instead.