Use consistent references to time, space, and versions#

Use the following terms consistently:




before, after

To locate an action in time

Before you print your document, save it.

After you save your document, you can print it.

following, preceding

To locate an item in space

Note: Don’t use above, below, earlier, later, before, or after as references to information in text. Where possible, use specific references. If you can’t make specific references, use preceding and following as adjectives for elements such as figures and tables.

The preceding information explains how to print a document correctly.

The utility analyzes the following information to prepare the report.

earlier, later

To refer to product releases (version numbers).

Note: Don’t use higher, lower, above, below, older, or newer.

The required namespace kernel features aren’t available in the default kernel shipped with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4, CentOS 6.4, and earlier versions of these operating systems.

Rackspace Private Cloud version 4.0 hasn’t been tested on versions of Ubuntu later than 12.04.