Telephone numbers#

Use these guidelines when showing telephone numbers in content.

Use a space, not a hyphen or a dash, to separate parts of the telephone number.


Don’t use

1 210 312 4600


1 800 961 4454

1 (800) 961-4454

Precede US and Canadian telephone numbers with 1. Precede all other telephone numbers with a plus sign.

US and Canadian

All others

1 210 312 4600

+44 0 20 8734 2700

+45 7734 5764

If you’re showing phone numbers in screenshots or in examples, use the following guidelines:

  • Don’t use any number that might be a real telephone number. Instead, use a number in the range 555-0100 through 555-0199; these numbers are reserved for fictional use. You can also use a number that belongs to Rackspace.

  • If a screenshot includes a nonfictional, non Rackspace number, mask out all or parts of it.