Symbols are used in code, as punctuation, with numbers, and to indicate trademarks. Use the following general guidelines when you include symbols in your documentation.

For guidelines about using specific marks of punctuation, see Punctuation.



When referring explicitly to a symbol in text, don’t show only the symbol. Show the name of the symbol, or the name followed by the symbol in parentheses.

On subsequent uses of the symbol, you can use just the name.

If the symbol is a common mark of punctuation, like a period or a comma, don’t show the mark in parentheses.

Escape the line by typing a backslash (\) character.

To find files that were modified more than two days ago, type a plus sign (+) in front of the 2.

Type a comma.

Use a symbol instead of the name of the symbol only if space is limited (for example, in a table). Don’t use symbols in running text.

Body text:

45 percent

16 degrees

1,800 dollars

Limited space:




Don’t insert a space between a number and a symbol, except when the symbol is used as a mathematical operator.

For files that use a total of 1,500 KB and a record size of 256, the equation is as follows: 1,500,000 ÷ 256 = 5,860

To separate the options in a menu path, use right-angle brackets (>) surrounded by spaces.

Open Mac Mail and select Preferences > Accounts.