IP addresses#

An IP address uses a sequence of numbers to uniquely identify a particular computer on the Internet.

When you’re discussing IP addresses or referring to a specific IP address, don’t use IP only; use IP address. You don’t need to spell out IP on first use.

When you need to refer to a specific version of the IP, use IPv4 address or IPv6 address as appropriate.


If your website is hosted in the DFW data center, you can use the following primary and secondary IP addresses:

  • Primary:

  • Secondary:

  • Additional: ( -

Each Vyatta appliance is assigned one public IPv4 address.

If you’re using IPv6 on your server, you might need to add the IPv6 addresses of your name servers to the resolv.conf file.

If you need to show an example IP address, don’t use one that is or might be assigned to a computer. Instead, use one that’s globally defined for documentation. Valid IPv4 address blocks are provided in RFC5737, and a valid IPv6 prefix is provided in RFC 3849.