Style guide revision history#

This file summarizes the changes that have been made to the style guide.

June 8, 2020#

  • Trademarks: Updated the Trademarks section with the following changes requested by the Rackspace Legal Department:

    • Removed bold font from Fanatical Support®.

    • Removed the word a from in front of Fanatical Experience™.

    • Added Solving Together™.

    • Added Rackspace Technology™.

April 28, 2020#

  • Ellipses: For more clarity, added additional information and examples in Ellipses.

January 28, 2020#

  • Multiple-paragraph quotations: Added the following information:

    • Added information about how to format multiple-paragraph quotations in Citations.

    • Added a link to the Citations section in Punctuation under “Quotation marks.”

    • Updated the “Quotations” row in the table in Text formatting to have links to the Citations and Punctuation sections.

July 18, 2019#

  • In User interface guidelines, added link to Hyperlinks conventions that is included in the Helix text conventions documentation.

March 12, 2019#

  • Because of the Rackspace rebranding in March 2019, added the new Rackspace tagline, Fanatical Experience™, to all relevant sections, but especially to Trademarks.


    Mirroring its redoubled efforts to target large-enterprise customers more effectively, Rackspace replaced its Fanatical Support tagline with the more inclusive tagline, Fanatical Experience. The idea that every Racker must take partial ownership and responsibility toward each customer outcome continues to form the core ethos of its workplace culture.

March 6, 2019#

  • Added the Control panel and portal standards section that contains guidelines for the capitalization and URLs used in our documentation for standard control panels and portals.

March 1, 2019#

  • Added the Prepositions section that contains guidelines for using prepositions in sentences.

February 22, 2019#

February 6, 2019#

  • Added the section User interface guidelines that contains links to the Helix documentation, and specifically to the user interface (UI) text conventions in that documentation.

January 21, 2019#

  • Added the words such as to the alphabetical list of words with examples of its use with and without a comma before it, which indicates a nonrestictive versus restrictive clause. Also added information and examples for such as to restrictive clauses.

January 4, 2019#

  • Updated requirements.txt to have pyyaml>=4.2b1 based on security alert.

  • Updated links to zip files in “Icons, stencils, and shapes” section.

November 5, 2018#

November 2, 2018#

  • Updated Trademarks to have many more trademarks listed as well as links to commonly-used company trademark pages to look up trademarks.

September 25, 2018 (End of Q3 release)#

  • Added Blog guidelines.

  • Added username to alphabetical word list.

    The term username was added where user name is already listed. Use username as one word if that is how it appears in a user interface, screen, or command that you are documenting.

June 29, 2018 (End of Q2 release)#

  • Added Use gender-neutral pronouns.

  • Added to the word list including the following words:

    • abort

    • access

    • admin, administrator, administer, administrative

    • AM, PM

    • Android

    • any time, anytime

    • API, APIs

    • app, application

    • argument

    • at scale

    • drop-down

May 8, 2018#

  • Removed the guideline to use the bolditalic directive for the term Fanatical Support in RST files (Trademarks). For the first mention that is not in a heading, the registered trademark symbol (Fanatical Support®) to be consistent with marketing documentation.

April 16, 2018#

  • Added capitalization guidelines for job titles.

  • Added capitalization guidelines for team names.

June 19, 2017#

Organizational revision:

  • Rewrote many topics to make the content easier to consume.

  • Reorganized the content to create stand-alone topics.

  • Moved several sections from the writing section to the terminology section.

April 28, 2017#

November 10, 2016#

  • Converted the style guide to reStructuredText.

  • Trademarks: Added guidelines to show the term Fanatical Support in bold and italics (using the :bolditalic: directive in RST) and to show a registered trademark symbol on first use.

July 27, 2016#

  • Updated the README and index files to add Rackspace Private Cloud contributors as consumers of the style guide.

  • Alphabetical list of terms:

    • be sure: Added guidelines to avoid it and use ensure or verify instead.

    • data store: Changed guidelines from one word to two words.

    • dialog: Added guideline to avoid it, and referred to dialog box.

  • Commas in numbers: Revised to use a comma in five-digit numbers, rather than 4-digit numbers, to follow IBM and OpenStack guidelines.

  • Ellipses: Added a caveat that writers can include an ellipsis with a UI label if omitting it would cause confusion.

  • Placeholder (variable) text: Revised guidelines to use :samp: directive in RST.

  • Text formatting: Updated guidelines to use RST directives when available, and noted style differences between Public and Private Cloud.

    • Command names: Use monospace for Public, apply the :command: directive (bold) for Private.

    • Directory names, file names, paths: Use bold for Public, monospace for Private.

    • Glossary terms: In RST, apply the :term: directive.

    • GUI labels: In RST, apply the :guilabel: directive.

    • Keyboard keys: Use bold for Public, monospace for Private.

    • Menu sequences: In RST, apply the :menuselection: directive.

    • Option names: In RST, apply the :option: directive.

    • Parameter names: In RST, apply the :option: directive.