Control panel and portal standards#

This section includes guidelines for the capitalization and the URLs used for standard control panels and portals that Rackspace technical documentation references.


Due to changes in development, this information is subject to change. Confirm with your subject matter expert (SME) that you are using the correct name.

Use the capitalization and the URLs in the following table:

Control panel or portal



MyRackspace Portal

Accesses Dedicated Hosting.

Cloud Control Panel

Accesses Rackspace Cloud services.

Cloud Office Control Panel

Accesses Rackspace Cloud Office services.

Rackspace Webmail Login

Accesses Rackspace webmail.

Rackspace Customer Portal

Provides the high-level Rackspace portal where AWS, Dedicated Hosting, Google Cloud Platform, Mailgun, Managed Security, Rackspace Cloud, and Rackspace Intelligence products are accessed.

For additional information about logging in to Rackspace accounts, see