Edit a network interface card#

You can edit a network interface to change the adapter type, IP address, or change its connection status.

Important: Changes might result in communication failure for the VM. If you are working in a production environment, we recommend making NIC changes during a maintenance window.

Before you begin#

Before you begin, ensure that you identify the VM and the vNIC you want to edit.

How to get started#

Complete the following steps to begin editing a NIC:

  1. Log in to the Rackspace Services for VMware Cloud portal.

  2. Click Data Centers and select the VDC that contains the VM you want to edit.

  3. From the Compute drop-down menu, click Virtual Machines and then click the VM you want to edit.

  4. Click NICs > Edit.

Best practice guidelines#

Consider the following guidelines when you edit a NIC:

Field name


Primary NIC checkbox

If you have multiple NICs, you must designate one of the NICs as the Primary NIC.

Because the system pushes DNS and gateway settings to only the Primary NIC, you must select a connection that needs these settings the most for external communication.

Connected checkbox

This setting is equivalent to connecting or disconnecting a physical cable.

Your VM cannot communicate over a disconnected interface.

Adapter type

We recommend that you select VMXNET3 for most modern operating systems.


Select the network to which you want to connect this network adapter.

IP mode

Select DHCP, IP Pool, or IP Manual.

In most cases, we recommend that you select IP Pool.