Understanding vApps#

A vApp, which consists of one or more VMs that communicate over a network and use resources and services in a deployed environment, can contain multiple VMs. For example, a vApp could consist of a DB server, application server, and web server. A vApp simplifies and unifies the management of VMs that work together.

To learn more about vApps and how to create and manage them, refer to Working with vApps within the VMware Cloud Director Tenant Portal Guide. To access the guide, click the Help icon in the top right corner of the application and click Help.

Before you begin#

Before you begin, ensure that you determine which VMs you want to include in a vApp. You can always add or remove VMs later.


  1. Log in to the Rackspace Services for VMware Cloud portal.

  2. Select a data center to which you want to add a vApp.

  3. Click Compute > vApps.

  4. Click New > New vApp.