Edit network IP properties#

Edit the network IP properties to change configuration values to match infrastructure requirements, such as when you need to change the IP addresses of the DNS servers or expand or shrink the static IP pool.

Before you begin#

Before you begin, ensure that you:

How to get started#

  1. Log in to the Rackspace Services for VMware Cloud portal.

  2. Click Networking.

  3. Click Static IP Pools, DNS, or IP Usage.

  4. Click Edit.

Best practice guidelines#

Consider the following guidelines when you edit network IP properties:



Gateway CIDR

Lists the gateway IP of a network together with the subnet size of that network.

Static IP Pools

A static IP pool is a sequential range of IP addresses within a network.

The static IP pool convention is, which uses the IP scope to denote a pool of 100 IP addresses.

Primary DNS

The primary DNS server contains a DNS record that stores the hostname IP address.

Secondary DNS

The secondary DNS server contains a backup DNS record that stores the hostname IP address.

DNS Suffix

The hostname element of the DNS name ends with the DNS suffix.