Create a data center group network#

Data center group networks provide routed connections to external networks, or they can be isolated and only accessible to other data center group networks in the same data center group.

Routed connections require an edge gateway.

Before you begin#

Before you begin, ensure that your:

  • Environment does not already use the network address space.

    You cannot have the same network address space in the same environments or separated environments that you intend to connect to. Contact your Network Administrator to verify network addresses presently used.

How to get started#

  1. Log in to the Rackspace Services for VMware Cloud portal.

  2. Click Networking.

  3. Click Networks.

  4. Click New.

Best practice guidelines#

Consider the following guidelines when you create a data center group network.

Field name



Select Data Center Group and then select a data center group to which you want to add a network.

Network Type

Isolated: This type of network provides a fully isolated environment, which is accessible only by this organization VDC or VDC Group.

Routed: This type of network provides controlled access to machines and networks outside of the VDC or VDC Group through an edge gateway.


Add the network scheme in CIDR format.

Static IP Pools

A static IP pool is a sequential range of IP addresses within a certain network.

You typically enter the static IP pool as by using the preceding IP scope to denote a pool of 100 IP addresses.


The primary DNS server contains a DNS record that has the correct IP address for the hostname.