GOSS roles and permissions#

Because the Guest OS Services (GOSS) for RPC-VMware service is not directly accessible by customers, there are no access permissions.

VM creation#

You are responsible for creating your virtual machines and associated operating systems running within them. Rackspace does not provide VM creation or deployment services with RPC-VMware or Guest OS Services for RPC-VMware.

For a list of supported OS types and versions, refer to the EOL Terms page. For an OS to be supported for enrollment in Guest OS Services, the OS type and version must be listed on the page and must not have reached the End-of-Support date indicated.

VM enrollment#

You are responsible for enrolling your virtual machines in Guest OS Services. Rackspace personnel do not have access to the enrollment process.

Rackspace is responsible for acting on the enrollment request to configure the selected services on the VMs that you enroll.

MyRackspace portal permissions#

Refer to the MyRackspace Customer Portal Permissions Guide for details on the permissions required to use the Ticket Template to enroll VMs in GOSS.

You are responsible to ensure that only appropriate users within your organization have the ability to enroll virtual machines in GOSS.