Available Guest OS services#

Managed OS administration#

Managed OS Administration is a service that allows you to request that Rackspace system administrators perform actions within the Linux or Windows operating system of your virtual machine. Request can be made by tickets in the MyRackspace portal or by calling your support team.

Managed OS monitoring#

Managed OS Monitoring provides an operating system agent that will monitor for OS health and specific OS alerts for which support tickets will automatically be opened. Rackspace system administrators will respond to the alert tickets and perform needed corrective actions.

Managed OS patching#

Managed OS Patching provides a curated patching experience where Rackspace validates and tests all patches prior to applying them to your operating systems. Monthly patching will be communicated to you via Rackspace support tickets.

Antivirus license#

Antivirus License provides an antivirus agent within the OS that you can use to monitor for malicious components affecting the OS.

For a list of supported OS types and versions, refer to the EOL Terms page. For an OS to be supported for enrollment in Guest OS Services, the OS type and version must be listed on the page and must not have reached the End-of-Support date indicated.