GOSS features#

The Guest OS Services (GOSS) uses an indexing service as well as an enrollment process to enable GOSS for VMs that you specify.

Virtual machine indexing#

Rackspace will configure an indexing service to connect to your vCenter server. The indexer will create Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB) entries for each virtual machine that you create in the RPC-VMware environment. The virtual machines that have been indexed will become visible to you in the MyRackspace Portal. This enables you to enroll the indexed VMs in GOSS. Each indexed VM has vCenter attributes added to the VM container object in vCenter.


Do not change or remove the attributes or you will not be able to enroll the VM in GOSS.

If you add GOSS to your RPC-VMware environment after VMs have been created. It will be necessary to request that CMDB entries for VMs that you wish to enroll in GOSS be created so that you can use the automated enrollment process.

Service enrollment#

The service enrollment process allows you to provide Rackspace with a list of the virtual machines that you want to enable GOSS on, indicate the specific services desired and to provide Rackspace with OS login credentials that will be used to perform changes, updates and additions to the operating system. The service enrollment is an automated process. Any failures in the automated processes might result in manual remediation efforts to complete the enrollment.

Configuration changes#

The indexer identifies when various configuration changes occur for Virtual Machines. The following configuration change triggers additional automation actions.

  • VM Power Off/On: This change triggers updates to the CMDB entry for the Virtual Machine to ensure that Rackspace support and automation systems are aware when the operating system within the Virtual Machine is expected to be accessible.

VM deletion#

The indexer identifies when you delete a Virtual Machine from your RPC-VMware environment and automatically remove the corresponding CMDB entry. If the Virtual Machine was enrolled in GOSS, the assigned Public IP and firewall NAT are removed.