Known issues#

Refer to this page to understand known issues in RPCO release 14.0 (r14).

  • When running a deployment without swift, DEPLOY_SWIFT='no', the repo_server playbook fails. To fix this, set repo_build_git_selective to no in etc/openstack_deploy/user_osa_variables_overrides.yml.


    This issue is only present for the r14.0.0 release. A fix is due to coincide with the r14.0.1 release.

  • After a greenfield deployment of r14.0.0, no Holland backup exists, because the environment is new. Therefore, the MaaS Holland backup check flags a failure status. Create a Holland backup so that the backup check succeeds.

  • To create an instance from a bootable volume, due to the upstream nova bug at, the variable nova_cross_az_attach must be set to True in /etc/openstack_deploy/user_osa_variables_overrides.yml.