Verify the installation#

To verify the installation of stand-alone Object Storage for RPCO, run the following commands from the proxy server or any server that has access to Identity (keystone).

  1. Ensure that the credentials are set correctly in the /root/openrc file and then source it:

    $ source /root/openrc
  2. Run the following command:

    $ swift stat
    Account: AUTH_11b9758b7049476d9b48f7a91ea11493
    Containers: 0
       Objects: 0
         Bytes: 0
    Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8
    X-Timestamp: 1381434243.83760
    X-Trans-Id: txdcdd594565214fb4a2d33-0052570383
    X-Put-Timestamp: 1381434243.83760
  3. Run the following commands to upload files to a container. Create the test.txt and test2.txt test files locally if needed (they can contain anything).

    $ swift upload myfiles test.txt
    $ swift upload myfiles test2.txt
  4. Run the following command to download all files from the myfiles container:

    $ swift download myfiles
    test2.txt [headers 0.267s, total 0.267s, 0.000s MB/s]
    test.txt [headers 0.271s, total 0.271s, 0.000s MB/s]

    If the files download successfully, Object Storage has been installed.