Log aggregation and management#

Get answers to common technical questions about logs for Rackspace Private Cloud Powered By OpenStack (RPCO) v13.

What log analysis and visualization tools are available?

By default, Kibana is installed with a dashboard that resembles OpenStack dashboard. Charts that reflect the frequency of errors and warnings are included. Users can filter logs by the request UUID, and can display and graph requests per second by type and the return codes for each API service.

Rsyslog and Logstash are also available.

How does Support interact with ElasticSearch?

The es2unix package is installed on all infrastructure nodes, which enables Support to interact with ElasticSearch directly.

How do I manage the MySQL database size to prevent the ``django_sessions`` table from filling up with older and expired logs?

To clear expired logs from the django_sessions table:

  1. On the deployment host, change into the playbooks directory.

  2. Run the following command, replacing TARGET with the name of the horizon containers:

    $ ansible TARGET -i inventory/ -a "horizon-manage.py clearsessions"