Rackspace Technology Dedicated customers: Create support tickets#

The ticketing experience might be different for Rackspace Technology Dedicated customers. Rackspace Technology Dedicated customers are those with managed hosting for physical and virtual devices.

The following sections explain how Rackspace Technology Dedicated customers can create and view support tickets.

Complete the following steps to create a support ticket:

  1. Log in to the Rackspace Technology Customer Portal

  2. Select TICKETS > Create Ticket.

  3. Select a suggested template from the subject drop-down menu or select Create Custom Ticket.

    **create a ticket dropdown**
  4. Complete the displayed fields.

    **create a ticket dropdown**
  5. Select Create Ticket.

The ticket list#

The ticket list allows you to create new support tickets and review previously opened or closed support tickets.

**create a ticket dropdown**

The following sections provides more information about how tickets work for private cloud customers: