Spheres of Support

RAS Digital teams provide support and management of your application. Below are the Spheres of Support (SoS) for Java and .NET applications. Each named application (Sitecore, AEM, Oracle Commerce, and SAP Hybris) has its own SoS.

Supporting your Digital Experience environment involves two or more parties, specifically:

  • You, referred to as Customer (including any in-house IT resources) and your Systems Integrator (SI), if any

  • Rackspace Support experts

The following RACI tables include the following roles and relationships:

  • Responsible: The party who carries out the process or task assignment and is responsible for getting the job done.

  • Accountable: The party who is ultimately accountable for the process or task being completed appropriately.

  • Consulted: Parties who are not directly involved with carrying out the task, but who are consulted and might be a stakeholder or subject matter expert.

  • Informed: Parties who receive output from the process or task or need to stay informed.