Upgradation of Vertex 9 for EBS R12.2 Part 2

These steps are in continuation from Part 1:

Database Node: nchltrxddb01.tcs.terex.com

Vertex9 Application Nodes nchltrxdvrtx01.tcs.terex.com

8. Run the Upgrade from Vertex servers:

1) Shut down the vertex 9 services.

Cd /u01/app/appdv/vertex9/oseries/tomcat/bin ./shutdown.sh

2) Copy the upgrade patch vertex-oseries-upgrade-90- to upgrade directory.

cd /u01/app/appdv/vertex9/oseries mkdir upgrade cd upgrade cp /patch/stage/shared/vertex_9/vertex-oseries-upgrade-90- unzip vertex-oseries-upgrade-90-

3) Run the upgrade utility

which java /u01/app/appdv/jdk1.8.0_144/bin/java java -version java version "1.8.0_144" cd /u01/app/appdv/vertex9/oseries/upgrade

Step 1: Run the upgrade

java -Xmx6144m -cp ./vertex-oseries-upgrade-90-”../lib’*”com vertexinc.upgrade90.app.UpgradeApp

Step 2: provide o-series both old version and new version locations.
Step 3:

jdbc:oracle:thin:@//nchltrxddb01.tcs.terex.com: 1561/TTRXI Vertex8/xxxxx oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

Step 4 : Select all – PRD-TAM,USAPRT,USAGENIEPRT,admin
Step 5 : Do not check box in the below screen
Step 6: You will get the updgrade comformation.
Step 7: You will get the end of report.

STEP 9: Verify the data update

1) Start vertex services.

Cd /u01/app/appdv/vertex9/oseries/tomcat/bin ./startup.sh

2) Login to the vertex URL.

http://nchltrxdvrtx01.tcs.terex.com:9095/oseries-ui/ admin/xxxxx You will see below screen in update history.

STEP 10: Update the files and run the upgrade in EBS application server.

10.a. Creating the staging on EBS for Vertex

1) Source the EBS environment file
2) Create vertex directory

Cd $XBOL_TOP/install mkdir vertex cd vertex cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex

3) Copy all the zip files residing under software location on vertex server ( Software can be downloaded from vertex support site)

cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex cp /patch/stage/shared/vertex_9/*.gz . ls -lrt ntl-ap_12.9.0.1_2992.tar.gz ntl-o2c_12.9.0_2992.tar.gz ntl-po_12.9.0_2970.tar.gz ohook_12.9.0.1_2997.tar.gz

Unzip all the above *.gz files

4) Check the XXTREX_VERTEX default tablespace.

alter user XXTREX_VERTEX default tablespace XXTREX_VRTX; alter user XXTREX_VERTEX quota unlimited on XXTREX_VRTX;

10.b Run the Upgrade script from ohook

Ensure that data update is complete before proceeding 1) Go to below location and run upgrade.sql

Cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/ohook/upgrade sqlplus /nolog @upgrade.sql Enter the prior OIC schema

Enter the custom table schema

Enter the custom package schema

Enter the Vertex base schema

Enter the Vertex journal schema

Enter the Vertex reporting schema

10.c Update the NTL View in EBS DB and execute it

Cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/ohook/code/views

Update the ntlvo_request_configuration_v.sql with below value.

'DTRXI' THEN ‘http://nchltrxdvrtx01.tcs.terex.com:9095/vertex-ws/services/'

Connect with apps and run below: SQL> @ntlvo_request_configuration_v.sql

View created.

SQL> select * from ntlvo_request_configuration_v;



Main http://nchltrxdvrtx01.tcs.terex.com:9095/vertex-ws/services/ admin password /tmp password 600 N 3 DD-MON-YYYY -1

10.d Update ACL for Vertex from EBS DB

cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/ohook/code/scripts

Run below as system user.

SQL> @ntl_setup_acl.sql APPS

  • Check the ACL setup.

  • Run below as apps user SQL> select utl_http.request(service_url||'EchoDoc?wsdl') from ntlvo_request_configuration_v;

10.e Run the Upgrade script from po

Cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/upgrade

sqlplus /nolog

SQL> @upgrade12.sql

SQL> @upgrade12.sql

Enter the custom table owner

Enter the apps user (apps)

10.f Copy lct file from fnd top:

cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/loaders

Back up the existing lct files.

Copy the files from FND_TOP cp $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/aflvmlu.lct . $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/loaders

cp $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/affrmcus.lct . $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/loaders

cp $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpreqg.lct . $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/loaders

cp $FND_TOP/patch/115/import/afcpprog.lct . $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/loaders

10.g Run the fixloader for po:

Cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/fndload

perl fixloaders.pl ANONYMOUS XBOL

10.h Run the fndload for po:

sh fnd_upload.sh trxappsdtrxi12 12.7

  • Verify the fndload logs.

10.I Copy reports from po to Custom top(XBOL_TOP)

  • Backup existing files and copy files from po directory and copy files from po directory

Cp $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/po/code/reports/*.rdf . $XBOL_TOP/reports/US

10.J Run the Upgrade script from o2c

cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/o2c/upgrade sqlplus /nolog SQL> @upgrade12.sql

Enter the custom table owner

Enter the apps user (apps)

10.k Copy rdf files from o2c to Custom top(XBOL_TOP)

  • Backup the existing files here and copy files from o2c

cp $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/o2c/code/reports/* . $XBOL_TOP/reports/US

10.l Run Upgrade of ap

cd $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/ap

sqlplus /nolog

SQL> @upgrade127.sql

  • Enter the custom table schema
  • Enter the apps user (apps)

10.m Copy lct files from fnd top for ap

copy existing rdf files and copy rdf files form ap top

cp $XBOL_TOP/vertex/ap/code/reports/*.rdf . $XBOL_TOP/reports/US

10.n Run fndload for ap:

cp $XBOL_TOP/install/vertex/ap/code/forms/* . $XBOL_TOP/forms/US

  • Compile forms using frmcmp_batch


In this blog , we have upgraded the installed vertex9 version and same is integrated with Oracle Applications release R12.2.

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