Salesforce and multifactor authentication

In today’s world, where everything we do seems to be virtual and online, threats that compromise security to your login credentials grow more common. That said, it’s important to employ strong security measures to protect your personal and business applications. That’s why you should consider implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA)—it helps to prevent common attacks such as phishing, keyloggers, and brute force attacks.

What is MFA?

MFA is a security mechanism that requires an individual to supply two or more credentials to authenticate their identity to gain access to an application. It verifies a user’s identity and is more secure than the typical username-password combination, known as single-factor authentication.

Authentication factors include something you know (such as login credentials), something you have (such as an Authenticator app or security key), and something you are (such as biometrics or fingerprints). Adding this layer of security prevents unauthorized access and other security threats.

How to use MFA with Salesforce

In Salesforce®, enabling MFA is a simple and effective way to secure your organization, protecting against those common attacks. Using Single Sign-On (SSO) also enhances your security. Salesforce supports the following MFA verification methods:

  • Third-Party Authenticator Apps such as Google® Authenticator and Microsoft® Authenticator Authy
  • Security Keys such as Yubico® YubiKey or Google Titan™ Security Key
  • Salesforce Authenticator mobile app

Salesforce Authenticator is a free mobile app available for both iOS® and Android® users. It’s user friendly, and you can simply approve or deny logins from your device.

With the upcoming Winter ‘21 Release, Salesforce makes implementing MFA even easier with the Multi-Factor Authentication Assistant. The MFA Assistant helps Salesforce administrators to plan and roll it out across an organization. Salesforce highly recommends turning on MFA for all user interface logins.


To learn more about how to implement MFA at your company, check out these Salesforce resources:

MFA Getting Started Set up a two-factor authentication requirement for your org Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication FAQ

Enabling MFA is one of the easiest and most effective actions one could take to help protect your Salesforce organization.


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