Rackspace Technology makes network security a reality

Rackspace Technology is on a journey with our customers. We are expanding our Fanatical Experience™ and networking and security expertise from the data center to the virtual appliance arena and the cloud.

The way it is

Every customer has a personal timeline to take advantage of the cloud. As customers move more of their workloads into a multi-cloud and multi-location deployment, now, more than ever, they rely on Rackspace expertise to manage their networking and security needs. Today, customers enjoy our ability to apply very complex and rigid standards of excellence to service gear within our data center walls.

As we move together to the future, we are including virtual appliances that we can deploy in public clouds, such as AWS and Azure, under the umbrella of the same level of excellence and support.

We have listened to our customers, who ask your requests for the following options:

  • More cloud-savvy solutions
  • Scalable options to meet varying performance requirements
  • Entry-level price and performance options

What’s coming

Rackspace Technology is now poised to bring our team of experts to the forefront of supporting your cloud infrastructure networking and security requirements, such as the following elements:

  • Scalable performance and functionality: You can deploy a virtual appliance on a public cloud infrastructure with flexible licensing to make it easy to up-size or down-size an implementation as needed.

  • Enable virtual infrastructure: You can take full advantage of virtualized servers and associated resources that are already in place with virtual application delivery controllers.

To support our partners' solutions, during the first half of 2020, we launched Citrix® VPX options on the Rackspace private cloud offerings, VMWare® and Hyper-V®. By doing this limited release, we challenged our Network Security support teams, and they have excelled at every opportunity.


Our solutions team continues to work hard, making Networking Security a reality for our customers on their cloud journey. You can choose the native power from your clouds of choice and receive consistent networking and security support across our partner platform.

Learn more about our security services.

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Phil Sprofera

I’m a 12+ year Racker—all in the Networking and Security roles—with 20+ year experience in security field. I’m at my best when I am teaching folks about technology and processes drawn from the years of knowledge that I have compiled over time. Currently, I’m perusing the CISSP certification using those years of knowledge. I enjoy volunteering my time through my affiliation with the 501st costuming group. Helping sick children is a passion of mine, and I enjoy fund raising for Extra-Life.org and Make-a-Wish (wish.org).

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