Rackspace Technology and Platform9 partnership simplifies Kubernetes adoption

The word Kubernetes means pilot in Greek—and the platform is piloting a whole new world of possibilities for businesses ready to take advantage of containers.

It’s an incredibly powerful, scalable, and resilient platform that improves metrics, accelerates digital transformation, and decreases time to market.

By 2024, Gartner predicts that 15% of enterprise applications will run in a container environment, up threefold from 2020. However, many early adopters of Kubernetes find that they spend more time running Kubernetes than gaining measurable value.

The Platform9 partnership with Rackspace Technology

Platform9® is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) managed Kubernetes platform that builds and operates clusters across edge, private, and public clouds to make Kubernetes simple to own, operate, and scale. To further help organizations accelerate and de-risk Kubernetes deployments, Rackspace Technology and Platform9 have partnered to deliver a managed platform for Kubernetes that specifically addresses the pain points of getting value out of the technology.

The Platform9 industry-leading SaaS Managed Kubernetes technology combined with Rackspace Technology cloud and application modernization expertise powers Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes (MPK). This new service solves common customer challenges by providing the following elements:

  • A single pane of glass for deploying and managing clusters across public and private clouds
  • A curated platform experience that provides frequently requested infrastructure services for containerized applications
  • A specialized support team composed of Certified Kubernetes administrators versed in Kubernetes, Platform9, and multicloud

The multicloud Kubernetes experience

By partnering with Platform9, Rackspace Technology offers the most complete multicloud Kubernetes experience available today, with services and SLAs designed for truly hands-free Kubernetes environments.

“At Rackspace Technology and Platform9, we see the strain that transformation and growth can put on the ability of a business to fully realize a cloud-native strategy,” explained Taylor Bird, VP of Technology Strategy at Rackspace Technology. “It’s these often-missing technical and cultural components necessary for success that inspired us to develop our first collaborative offering: Rackspace Managed Platform for Kubernetes.”

The MPK launch

Available April 30, 2021, Rackspace MPK is designed for organizations of any size that are struggling to navigate the increasing complexity of managing container-based application deployments in a multicloud world.

Read about this partnership between Rackspace Technology and Platform9 and the features, service details, and how to get started with Rackspace MPK.

Learn more about our MPK service.

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