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Rackspace Technology offers Expert Services for New Relic

The Rackspace Application Services (RAS) Digital Experience team is expanding our portfolio with a Professional Service solution to implement and customize New RelicĀ® tools for our customers.

New Relic is a GartnerĀ® Magic Quadrant-leading application performance management solution. It offers business insights, including end-customer use of applications and analytics and provides your technical teams with the following valuable benefits:

  • Insights into how your applications are performing
  • Information on the underlying infrastructure
  • Data consolidation across applications and platforms

By using New Relic, you can analyze metrics, events, logs, and traces across your technology stack to get to the root cause of problems and optimize system performance.

Rackspace currently offers New Relic tools and implementation services as a part of the RAS Digital Experience Application Operations solution. If you want or need fully managed services, this offer is ideal.

With Rackspace Expert Services for New Relic, you can get a one-time engagement to implement and customize New Relic to use the tools and analytics to help drive their businesses. Choose this option to take advantaged of advanced customization options, whether or not you host with Rackspace Technology.

Rackspace Expert Services for New Relic provides you with expertise and guidance so you can receive the maximum benefit from New Relic tools and gain insights into your applications and learn how to use your applications and systems more effectively.

By partnering with New Relic as a Preferred Partner, Rackspace Technology broadens its market for application services and solutions, opening the door to the entire suite of application solutions.

Rackspace Expert Services for New Relic is a Professional Service offering and is delivered by the Rackspace Professional Services Data, Integration, and Analytics team under Vikram Reddy Kosanam.

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Charlotte Colbert

I am a 13+year Racker and am currently a Product Manager V for the RAS Digital experience portfolio.

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