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Autonomous Database Dedicated and Exadata cloud infrastructure

This post presents information from a variety of sources regarding Oracle® Autonomous Database Dedicated and Exadata® cloud infrastructure.

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Top six best practices to optimize costs on AWS

Originally published in April 2020, at

The cloud holds the possibility of dramatically lower infrastructure costs, faster development and innovation cycles, and increased talent efficiency. Yet, according to Gartner®, most businesses are estimated to overspend in the cloud—by up to 70%.

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Amazon Redshift: Best practices for optimizing query performance

Originally published on June 17, 2020 at

Organizations across a plethora of industries look to use data analytics for operations and other functions critical to success. However, as data volumes grow, management and value-extraction can become increasingly complex.

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Salesforce reports you should regularly review

One of the values of using Salesforce® is having your data in one place and being able to access real-time reports. There are many reports to run and evaluate, including pre-built and custom reports. As a leader, you should regularly review certain reports and activities, including lead source effectiveness, customer engagement, sales pipeline, and sales profitability.

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AWS Everywhere: Building the new hybrid cloud with AWS Outposts

Originally published on June 22, 2020 at

The adoption of hybrid technologies continues to boom. Businesses with legacy systems look to the cloud to take advantage of powerful benefits that enable them to drive growth, foster innovation, and enhance the customer experience. Recent studies indicate that almost 95% of all enterprises are adopting some form of public cloud. 87% of these companies have a hybrid cloud approach as part of their strategy. While enterprises are clearly ready to embrace the cloud, many remain grounded in the reality that certain workloads need to be on-premise for the foreseeable future.

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Five ways to drive more sales with salesforce

Did you know that Salesforce can actually help you drive sales? Sales teams are often only using Salesforce as a glorified Rolodex when they could be leveraging so much more. Improve your sales using Salesforce in the following ways:

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Modern cloud adoption paths: Which one is right for you?

Originally published on August 8, 2020 at

Cloud computing has been one of the more prominent technological phenomena in recent years. Companies across geographies and industries are turning to cloud services to access a range of features and capabilities that augment their products, simplify management, improve ROI, reduce capital expenditure, and significantly improve scalability to meet rapidly growing demand.

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Scaling distributed SQL with ObjectRocket for CockroachDB

Originally published in Aug 2019, at

CockroachDB® is part of the Rackspace ObjectRocket family of database technologies. The scaling abilities of CockroachDB are exciting, with data replication and distribution (maximizing high availability), automatic database rebalancing, and multi-geo data centers supporting data-domiciling compliance, to name a few. And all of this with high data integrity and distributed ACID transactions because the CockroachDB data resiliency is a must-have.

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Unified data platform: SQL Server 2019

In 2006, British mathematician Clive Robert Humby marked the words: “Data is the new Oil.” Since then, IT leaders have repeatedly heard this, resonated with the idea, and augmented it at every step.

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Introduction to SAP Security Audit Log

This post introduces SAP® Security Audit Log.

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