Oracle GoldenGate microservices architecture

OracleĀ® GoldenGateĀ® supports two architectures: the classic architecture and the Oracle GoldenGate Microservices Architecture (OGG MA).

Classic architecture has standard extract, replicat, pump, and receiver functions and is managed by the GoldenGate Software Command Interpreter (GGSCI).

OGG MA is a restful application program interface (API) microservices-based architecture that enables you to install, configure, monitor, and manage Oracle GoldenGate services through a web-based user interface. OGG MA was introduced in version GoldenGate 12.3 and was designed from the perspective of cloud operations.

Oracle GoldenGate microservices components

You can use OGG MA to configure and manage data replication by using an HTML user interface.

OGG MA has five main components. The following diagram illustrates how replication processes operate within a secure Rest API environment:

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The following sections outline the roles and responsibilities of each component of OGG MA, including the admin client.

Service manager

  • The service manager acts as a watchdog for the other services available with the microservices architecture.

  • The service manager allows you to manage one or more GoldenGate deployments on a local host.

  • The service manager runs as a system service, maintains inventory and configuration information about your deployments, and allows you to maintain multiple local deployments.

  • By using the service manager, you can start and stop instances and query deployments and the other services.

Administration server

  • The administration server supervises, administers, manages, and monitors both active and inactive processes operating within a GoldenGate deployment.

  • The administration server operates as the central control entity for managing replication components in your GoldenGate deployments.

  • By using the administration server, you can create and manage your local extract replicat processes without accessing the server where GoldenGate is installed.

  • The key feature of the administration server is the Rest API service interface, which any HTTP or HTTPS client, such as microservices architecture service interfaces or perl and python clients, can address.

  • By using the administration server, you can add, delete, or alter GoldenGate processes, edit configuration files, add users, and assign roles.

Distribution server

  • The distribution server functions as a networked data distribution agent that conveys and processes data and commands in a distributed networked deployment.

  • The distribution server is a high-performance application that can handle multiple commands and data streams from multiple source-trail files concurrently.

  • The distribution server replaces the classic multiple source-side data pumps with a single side data pump and with a single instance service. This server distributes one or more trails to one or more destinations and provides lightweight filtering only.

Receiver server

  • The receiver server is the central control service that handles all incoming trail files.

  • The receiver server interoperates with the distribution server and provides compatibility with the classic architecture pump for remote classic deployments.

  • The receiver server replaces multiple discrete target-side collectors with a single instance service.

Performance metrics server

  • The performance metrics server uses the metrics service to collect and store instance deployment performance results.

  • The metrics collection and repository is separate from the administration layer information collection.

  • All GoldenGate processes send metrics to the performance metrics server.

  • You can use the performance metrics server in both microservices architecture and classic architecture.

  • By using the performance metrics server, you can query various metrics, view logs, process status, monitor system utilization, and so on.

Admin client

  • The admin client is a command line utility (like the classic GGSCI utility).

  • The admin client uses the Rest API published by the microservices architecture server to accomplish its tasks.

  • The admin client is used to create, configure, modify, and remove processes.

The admin client has more functions and is more usable in distributed configurations than GGSCI as shown in the following table:

The key microservices architecture directories and variables

The microservices architecture is designed with a simplified installation and deployment directory structure.

The design is composed of a read-only home directory, where you install GoldenGate and create a custom deployment-specific directory as shown in the following image:

Image source:

You can change the default locations of all of these directories to customize where you want to store the files.

In a configuration where OGG_VAR_HOME is a local directory and OGG_HOME is a shared read-only remote directory, many deployments with a local OGG_VAR_HOME can share the same read-only OGG_HOME.


Microservices architecture is a new service-based architecture that simplifies the configuration, administration, and monitoring of large-scale, cloud deployments. This post introduced you to the OGG MA and its components, which is expected to change the way you replicate data on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid environments.

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