New features and performance improvements with TM1 Planning Analytics

Originally published by Tricore: Sep 21, 2017

Planning Analytics integrates business planning, performance measurement, and operational data to enable companies to optimize business effectiveness and customer interaction regardless of geography or structure. Planning Analytics provides immediate visibility into data, accountability within a collaborative process, and a consistent view of information.


IBM® introduced new and updated features in Planning Analytics, including bundled components such as TM1 Server, TM1® Web, TM1 Performance Modeler, and Cognos® Insight.

The following sections highlight some of the interfaces and new features of Planning Analytics Local.

TM1 Server performance improvements

TM1 Server includes the following performance improvements:

  • Designed to use a two-tier key management system to encrypt and decrypt server data.
  • Includes APIs that enable and disable data encryption.
  • Has a command line utility that can be used to perform master key.
  • Has an improved server shutdown process that terminates all spawned external processes so that no data is lost. The server shutdown process also collects information and metrics of the shutdown process and updates event and server logs with the necessary information.

These significant changes improve performance with the feeders in TM1 server. Planning Analytics TM1 Server reports memory consumed by feeders only once as long as the rules and cube data don’t change.

Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX)

IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft® Excel is a new Excel interface for Planning Analytics that has improved functionality compared to Café. PAX comes with functionality that adds multiple dynamic reports to analyze and compare data. It comes with new settings that limit the undo stack function, providing end users with the option to define the number of undo operations in exploration view. PAX also has the option to filter attributes in the set editor function. Several new API functions have been added in latest release of PAX.

The following diagram shows a view of PAX:

TM1 Web

The updated TM1 Web has new functionalities and a new interface. The previous version of the loaders, which loaded JavaScript library modules, is not mandatory in Planning Analytics Web. TM1 Websheets now allows you to view relational data on the same published websheet as TM1 Data.

The TM1 Web Functional for Excel workbook also includes new keyboard shortcuts for easy navigation.

New feature with hierarchies

Planning Analytics creates multiple hierarchies inside dimensions. This capability is supported through TM1 Rest APIs, TurboIntegrator processes, and Planning Analytics Workspace modeling. This enhancement provides the following benefits:

  • Cube design with optimal performance
  • Reduced cube processing time
  • Analysis with dimension attributes
  • Structured dimensions

Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

Planning Analytics Workspace is a web-based interface for IBM Planning Analytics that used to plan, create, and analyze data. This release of PAW provides significant performance improvements, which include the following benefits:

  • Increased view refresh times in the exploration views
  • A pop-up menu that displays faster and shows selections in different colors
  • Improved data entry performance with cell updates that refresh only on-demand and not with cell-value change

The process editor in PAW does not include the ability to define a connection as a data source.


With these and many other features, Planning Analytics helps businesses with improved TM1 Server performance, improved cube processing times, and reduced random access memory (RAM) consumption because of changes to feeders behavior. Planning Analytics also has an improved interface including an interactive dashboard with visualizations from different sources.

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