MuleSoft integration and API platform—an introduction

Application integration is usually a daunting task, largely due to the nature of different data structures, legacy applications, and a team’s overall IT capabilities. MuleSoft®, a Gartner MQ leader in integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), is a premiere choice for systems integrators and application developers.

MuleSoft Anypoint

The MuleSoft Anypoint platform offers a centralized web-based management system for application integrations by using an enterprise service bus (ESB) instead of usual point-to-point application integrations, where every application connects to each other. The following image illustrates the ESB:

MuleSoft supports different architectures in its integration capabilities, including the following architectures:

  • Monolithic
  • Service-oriented
  • Microservices-based

Microservices—solutions that are either business-process functionalities or data flow—include migration, broadcast, aggregation, bidirectional synchronization, and correlation.

Mule applications include several components such as connectors, which ensure that enterprises keep running fully-functional application networks without losing any data. To meet your business need to integrate applications in a hybrid environment, MuleSoft has many benefits for developers and system integrators.

MuleSoft features

In addition to conforming to OpenAPI Specifications (OAS)—the universal standards programming language interface for application programmer interfaces (APIs)—MuleSoft enables you to do the following tasks:

  • Create API fragments that developers can save to use in their applications.

  • Use the RESTful API Modeling Language (RAML), a common, vendor-neutral API language that many applications use.

MuleSoft includes the following components:

  • Anypoint Analytics: Helps you to track API usage and governance, transaction data usage analytics, and service level agreement performance.

  • API Designer: Provides a single window, web-based interface to design, document, and test APIs created by using the platform.

  • API Manager: Enables the administrator to create and manage users on the Anypoint platform. It also allows you to track and analyze traffic between applications and secure APIs via an API gateway. This function is vital for API governance—a single platform with all these functions helps in user-access control and API policy implementation.

  • Anypoint Connectors: Makes it easy to connect out-of-the-box tools and assets. You can connect systems faster, and Anypoint Connectors ensures that you don’t need to create the API from scratch.

  • Flow Designer: Helps newcomers to API development. It is a web-based, intuitive interface that acts like a wizard and provides guidance in MuleSoft API creation. Functionalities include drag and drop features for data and assets, auto-populating reusable assets, and a list view of input and output data.

  • Anypoint Monitoring: Provides performance monitoring of the platform in real-time, across all integrations and APIs. This component helps with issue identification, root cause analyses, dependency mapping, and provides access to log data.

  • Anypoint Runtime Manager: Serves as a useful integrated tool for the management and monitoring of a complex hybrid environment of systems, APIs, data, and devices. Developers use the Anypoint Runtime Manager to view performance across systems, connect third-party operating tools, and set performance trigger-based alerts.

  • Anypoint Studio: Offers a single desktop environment for building and testing all APIs and integrations, either in Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premises systems. Use it before deploying them to CloudHub, or any other cloud environment, to help developers perform virtually any function, including mapping, building, editing, and debugging their APIs.

Rackspace as your integration partner

Rackspace Integration and API Management Services, based on MuleSoft, offer you a route to easy and significant improvement in your enterprise application processes by using the adoption of APIs. We provide an established framework to manage APIs easily, speeding up workflows, and reducing human intervention and errors. The Rackspace team does this through a combination of expert professional services with MuleSoft software solutions. Rackspace is a MuleSoft Select Partner.

Our long history of hosting, integrating, and managing legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems for thousands of customers worldwide makes us a leader in application integration. Our partnership with MuleSoft, the world’s leading vendor of iPaaS and API management tools, further strengthens our ability to serve you.

Learn more about Rackspace Integration and API Management Services.

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