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Introducing Cisco Defense Orchestrator

On June 9th, Rackspace Technology introduced support for Cisco® Defense Orchestrator (CDO).


CDO enables Rackspace Technology to give you unprecedented, direct access to your security devices while simplifying customer-management responsibilities and scaling IT management costs.

CDO can manage the following security devices from Cisco:

  • Physical and virtual Cisco ASA devices
  • Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense
  • Meraki® appliances
  • AWS® security groups

How CDO helps

This offering provides customers who have deployed security appliances across multiple-clouds, Rackspace data centers, or corporate data centers with a single point of control and visibility control panel to see real-time stats. It also enables you to manage and apply unified security policies.

The combination of TLS encryption and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) through Cisco Duo® provide secure access to your security appliances through the CDO portal. You can also configure access for Single-Sign-On (SSO).

Today’s modern workflows require both the convenience of an intuitive GUI for point-in-time changes and more modern continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) approaches to security. Through the CDO application programmer interface (API), you have the flexibility to work your security instances into your security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) processes and SecOps and DevOps workflows.


CDO allows Rackspace and customers alike to reduce overhead while managing their security policies, offering the following advantages:

  • Configuration hygiene: Use built-in filters to analyze policies and objects across security devices to identify duplicate objects and inconsistencies, which aids in identifying security gaps, errors, and omissions.

  • Deploy devices faster: Deploy new devices faster by creating standard policy templates.

  • Simplify upgrades: Conduct firewall software image upgrades with just a few clicks and complete them in real-time—or schedule them at your convenience.

  • Track every change: View the changelog to see all the continuously documented changes made over time through the CDO portal. Rollback to a last-known-good configuration at any time.

  • Improve security: Apply policy and objects across multiple devices and locations, enabling consistent security postures and configurations.


As we take this step into CDO management for our Cisco and expanded security appliances, Rackspace will lean more on our security partners to deliver scalable, efficient, and secure solutions. By doing so, we can meet your needs faster and provide Fanatical Experience™ and expert security knowledge across multiple clouds and physical infrastructures. This, in turn, opens up the opportunity for Rackspace Technology to support security appliances anywhere you deploy them in the future.

More information

CDO falls under our Next-Generation Firewall Terms.

See our Next-Generation Firewall support matrix to learn more about CDO support.

Learn more about our Security services.

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