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Expand your CRM beyond sales

The power of Salesforce—so much more than just tracking sales.

When most people think of CRM systems (if they think about them), they envision tools used by salespeople to record information about customers and deals. While these are important things for any business to track, more and more organizations are realizing the value of a central platform for managing all of their customer interactions, including their marketing, sales, contact syncing, and operational processes. These organizations use their CRM platform to identify and contact prospective new customers, manage sales to new and existing customers, deliver their goods and services, and ensure proper billing.

Having one platform to manage customers throughout this entire lifecycle enables organizations to share information across departments that are often disconnected. As a result, these organizations can more effectively design, track, measure, and analyze all of their customer interactions and outcomes. They can leverage these analytics and insights in many new ways, such as driving decisions, formulating new business strategies, and developing product and service ideas.

Our nonprofit customers leverage Salesforce as a central platform for managing their organization, even though they do not sell in the traditional sense. These organizations have multiple revenue sources—donations from individuals and companies, grants from foundations and governments, earned income from programs, and investments and outsourced services. The nonprofits need effective tools to manage relationships, communications, opportunities, and issues across their different types of customers. These same principles apply to most organizations—whether for-profit or not-for-profit.

What’s next?

Rackspace helps companies implement Salesforce—providing a custom engineered solution that enable you to better market, sell, and service your customers. Then, we provide ongoing services and support, evolving the platform to meet changing business needs and ensuring you continue to get the most value from your investment over time.

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Jason Gates

Jason Gates serves as the global leader of Business Transformation Services at Rackspace. With over 20 years of business consulting experience, Jason has provided management consulting, business process, renewable energy integration, IT strategy, and IT system integration services at companies like Booze Allen Hamilton, ACME Business Consulting, Forsythe Solutions Group, and ARC.

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