Enterprise AI-Chatbot: One-stop instant data interaction

In today’s Age-of-Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), initiatives have become de-facto standards across organizations who leverage their data powered decision-making to improve future projections. And as are the rise in demand for the quick access of data frameworks that simplify instant data interaction.


Daily, many business-impacting data-driven decisions are made within an organization with the help of state-of-the-art advanced data analytics/ self-service business intelligence platforms which provide key business insights by identifying hidden metrics & drivers that tap the untapped markets. At times for a decision maker, finding the right information at right time, navigating through all those BI dashboards will be overwhelming. And any ad-hoc datapoint check at the data powering these reports would require a quick, yet times tiresome, visit to the underlying data platform which may require technical expertise. Also, keeping track of some of the frequent data interactions may be challenging.

A conversation on your favorite messaging platform, on your personal device, will be one of the quick and easy solution to most of your data questions. And it is always available on the go at your fingertips.

Conversational AI Overview

Conversational AI, Chatbot, is the field of Artificial Intelligence that leverages machine learning’s (ML) natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) to simulate human like interactions and, queries data and integrates applications. Chatbots are one of the top AI implementations in today’s data driven enterprises.


â–ª One of the key benefits is business cost reduction through automation and providing round the clock services for quick resolutions.

â–ª Chatbots excel in answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) based on a topic, to handling complex natural language based self-service automations.

â–ª Provides first level of support in real-time and engages users through interaction and supports multiple languages.

â–ª Messaging bots integrate very well with devices and messaging platforms like Teams and Slack, etc.

Bot Building blocks

Conversational AI bots are broadly categorized as Event Driven (Rule based) and Data Driven (Corpus based) knowledge representation of AI. Some of the key building blocks of chatbot are Natural Language Understanding, NLU, Natural Language Processing, NLP and Natural Language Generation, NLG. Most of the machine learning/deep learning - NLP/NLU/NLG heavy lifting and messaging platform integrations are taken care by todays sophisticated conversational AI frameworks. Also, these platforms empower chatbot developer to focus on the conversation flow, training phrases, fallback options, etc. The conversation’s utterance identification, intent mapping, entity extraction and webhook fulfilment are meticulously executed by the framework itself. Thus, greatly saves application deployment and maintenance efforts, gives complete freedom from infrastructure setup and middleware workloads.

Fig. Conversational AI Building blocks

Cloud based services

Google Dialogflow conversational AI framework is the out of the box chatbot offering from Google Cloud Platform. AWS Amazon Lex, Azure Bot framework, IBM Watson Assistant, Servicenow Virtual Agent, SAP CAI, etc. are some of the other cloud chat service offerings. These cloud conversational AI services are advantageous in seamlessly integrating with enterprise data cloud and their consuming applications. Promote better ways for user engagement to interact with the bot on various conversational user interfaces like mobile apps, web apps, IVRs, enterprise communication channels, etc. The chat services analyze multiple input forms like, text or audio inputs and support text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversations.


The enterprise AI - Chatbot will be the one-stop solution for all the business data needs. Enables interactive enterprise data interaction, anywhere anytime, accurate, and instant critical answers on-demand. Saves dashboard navigation efforts for finding right data KPI/metric or report. Users can access the bot from any of their existing communication channels or messaging platforms. Not dependent on any additional mobile or web application. Involves zero learning about bot. These enterprise data cloud integrations powered chatbots translate business user’s natural language conversations to data queries. Enables users to freely interact without the need to structure their queries. Provides context aware human like interactions and supports first level of automation. Reduces technology gaps for querying data and, avoids IT or SPOC dependency and the hours to days of efforts required for a quick data check or data extraction. Also, enables conversation history and voice assistance.

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