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Einstein Analytics or Classic Reports—five questions to ask yourself

Do you ever feel that the analytics you get from Salesforce® Classic Reports and Dashboards isn’t providing enough insight for your organization’s goals?

If you feel like you’re not leveraging your data as effectively as you could, you have likely matured past what Classic Reports can do. The solution is to turn to Salesforce’s stronger reporting platform, Einstein Analytics.

While both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud have basic reporting tools built in, the main purpose of these platforms isn’t reporting. Einstein Analytics, by contrast, is a true reporting platform designed to integrate with your CRM. The two are fundamentally different in purpose and nature and act as complementary technologies to propel your business.

Does your company need the stronger capabilities of Einstein Analytics? Ask the following questions to find out.

1. Do you lack a 360-degree perspective?

Classic reporting allows users to retrieve data across three object levels— a fairly limited number. This gives you a rather shallow view of performance, and while it might be enough when your organization is small, as you grow and your goals expand, you need reporting that provides a more complete view of your data.

Einstein Analytics doesn’t limit how many cross objects a report can include, which offers a holistic view of performance. Users have access to all the data they need in one location. Plus, thanks to easy customization options, your personalized dashboard reflects your own projects and priorities.

2. Do you need to report on external data?

External data is excluded from your reports if you’re using Classic Reports. The reports only include Salesforce data, and therefore, can only show you part of the story.

Einstein Analytics enables you to create data sets from external sources with a user-friendly point-and-click model. By combining data from Salesforce with that from other sources, your data-driven insights become broader and deeper.

3. Is the mobile experience underwhelming?

Reporting is all about making data accessible and actionable. If your reports aren’t optimized for mobile, it means that data is not easy for employees to access from various locations. This access is imperative if you have multiple office locations, remote employees, or team members who regularly travel for work. While users can access Classic Reports via mobile, the reports aren’t mobile-optimized, which limits functionality.

Einstein Analytics solves this issue by optimizing reporting for mobile devices. This means any team members working from home or in the field have easy access to in-depth data and expansive reporting tools.

4. Do your reports feel inaccessible?

If users perceive a reporting system as slow, confusing, or difficult to navigate, they are more likely to avoid consulting the available data. As your organization’s reporting needs progress, you might find it frustrating that Classic Reports cannot be easily embedded into other Salesforce workflows or that you cannot execute Salesforce actions directly from the reports. The inconveniences of Classic Reports might discourage your team members from fully utilizing the data and insights available.

Einstein Analytics removes these obstacles by allowing users to embed Salesforce triggers into reports and embed reports into everyday workflows. This makes it easier for users to incorporate intelligent reporting and analytics into their decisions and actions at work.

5. Are your reports inflexible?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all report. The best reports are customized for the user, the moment, and the question at hand. On-demand reporting is possible in Classic Reports, but it’s time and labor-intensive, which deters teams from using it.

Einstein Analytics offers a true self-service experience, empowering users without extensive technical training to instantly create reports on the fly. With a convenient way to create custom reports, your questions can be instantly connected with answers, and decisions can be backed up by data.

Ready to implement Einstein Analytics?

If you are ready for the deeper reporting capabilities that Einstein Analytics offers, your organization can consider the following license options: Sales Analytics, Service Analytics, or the Einstein Analytics Platform (which includes both Sales and Service).

No matter which option you choose, creating a thoughtful plan for implementation is key. Taking the time to clean and organize your data and architect your system correctly spares you many hassles down the road. As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner, we have years of experience with organizing data, architecting systems, and implementing technology for specific business requirements.

Rackspace partners with you to customize your Einstein Analytics platform for your business needs, create a plan for implementation and fostering user adoption, and gain the expertise to make the most out of the analytics at your fingertips. Contact our team of business process and technology experts today for a consultation.

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