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Dbvisit Standby for Oracle SE v2.0 disaster recovery

Dbvisit Standby is a replication tool for Oracle® Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition 2 (SE2) databases.


Cost is always a factor when you set up a disaster recovery (DR) solution for Oracle databases. Oracle does not include DR solutions with Standard Database, but Dbvisit offers a solution. Dbvisit uses Oracle’s tried and tested archive and redo mechanism and provides a tool for database DR.

Dbvisit Standby has the following features:

  • Manual or automatic failover
  • Graceful switchover
  • Support for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and Oracle Manageed Files (OMF)
  • Compression and encryption for archive log transportation to create and maintain the DR database by using the DBvisit tool

Dbvisit Standby picks up archived logs from the primary database, compresses them if necessary, and transfers them to a standby database server. If any network issues occur, Dbvisit accumulates archives on the primary database until the restoration of the network. Dbvisit Standby also offers automatic or manual failover of Oracle Standard Databases.

Why Dbvisit?

You can run Dbvisit Standby on your standby database solution for Oracle SE databases with no scripting needed for the Oracle standby database.

You can switch over easily. Dbvisit performs a Graceful Switchover (GS) in a controlled manner, so you lose no data during the role change over. The latest version of Dbvisit gives you the option of using a Dbvisit snapshot to create a replica of your production database at a point in time by using your standby database. After you create the snapshot, you can use the database without impacting the primary database because you performed this action on the standby database. Use the Dbvisit Standby Snapshot Option for reporting environments, DR testing, development or test environments, and application testing.

Dbvisit Standby Version 8 consists of the following components:

  • dbvctl: Dbvisit Standby command line interface (CLI)
  • dbvnet: Dbvisit network communications
  • dbvagent: Dbvisit Agent
  • dbvserver: Dbvisit Central Console, a web-based user interface

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Supported platforms

DBvisit supports small to medium business databases on the following database platforms:

  • Oracle Standard Edition
  • Oracle Database Appliance
  • Oracle Cloud
  • DR in the Cloud
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Advanced Interactive eXecutive (AIX)
  • RAC


Dbvisit bases pricing on your configuration needs and determines the cost per database. The minimum configuration requires a primary database, a secondary database, and support for a year. Dbvisit has different licensing options based on your requirements.


Of the available DR solutions in the market, DBvisit is a more cost-effective Oracle database replication solution. You can use it to manage and create Oracle SE and SE2 standby databases easily.

Currently, Rackspace already has Datapipe customers using the Dbvisit tool to manage standby databases on the Standard Edition.

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