Containers in the OpenStack ecosystem

Container technology is evolving at a very rapid pace. The purpose of the webinar talk in this post is to describe the current state of container technologies within the OpenStack Ecosystem. Topics we will cover include:

  • How OpenStack vendors and operators are using containers to create efficiencies in deployment of the control plane services
  • Approaches OpenStack consumers are taking to deploy container-based applications on OpenStack clouds

In this approx. 1 hour webinar talk, we will specifically discuss:

  • An overview of Docker
  • Native OpenStack container options
  • How containers differ from PaaS
  • Container architecture patterns
  • Container Service Registration & Discovery
  • Container Orchestration Engines
  • Container Networking

Feel free to leave comments or questions below! Enjoy.

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Mike Metral

Mike Metral is a Product Architect at Rackspace in the Private Cloud R&D organization currently operating as a subject-matter expert in the field of containers. You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikemetral and Github as metral.

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