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CloudHealth for Fanatical Support for AWS realease

In mid-December 2019, Rackspace released CloudHealth for all Fanatical Support® for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers.

This post explores why Rackspace chose CloudHealth and how we’ve taken a customer-focused approach to integrating and setting up CloudHealth.

Why CloudHealth?

Controlling cloud costs is the most cited pain point for public cloud consumers. CloudHealth empowers Rackspace to effectively govern your cloud spend in the following three areas:

– Visibility: Before you can control cloud costs, you have to identify and understand them—a tall order for AWS and other cloud providers with notoriously complex billing. Users across an organization also need different information. For example, the person in Finance who is choosing among Savings Plans or Reserved Instances needs different information than the budget owner in Engineering who wants to see an e-mailed report of trending costs and an actionable view of underutilized resources.

– Control: Common ways that organizations control costs include creating budgets, establishing departmental accountability (including chargeback or showback), and exercising governance methods such as no tag, no play.

– Savings: With few exceptions, most organizations significantly overspend in the public cloud. In addition to helping with visibility and control, CloudHealth clearly shows how to take advantage of discounts like Reserved Instances and Savings Plans, identifies unneeded and unused resources, and more.

We believe that CloudHealth enables Rackspace, working with our customers, to solve for these three outcomes better than any other platform. As a bonus, it works across AWS, Azure®, and the Google Compute Platform®.

Our Integration and Approach

Rackspace is the first CloudHealth partner to fully integrate with their platform to include everything from account setup to user management. For example, customers can use single sign-on from the Rackspace portal into CloudHealth. Users have full access to CloudHealth with near real-time cost data, savings opportunities, inventory, and much more.

We also recognize that access to powerful tools is a necessary first step to achieving your goals, but it’s not enough on its own. Rackspace adds expertise on top of CloudHealth to help you to set up reporting for different users. Examples include configuring CloudHealth Perspectives, which meaningfully segment spend and other data, reviewing cost trending and actionable savings opportunities with you, and setting up governance policies.


We are proud to provide Rackers and our Fanatical Support for AWS customers with CloudHealth to help with complex challenges around visibility, control, and cloud spend savings. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with you to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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Matt Shover

Matt Shover is a Principal Product Manager who helps customers save money in the cloud. Formerly a system administrator in the United States Air Force, he holds an MBA in finance from California State University, Hayward and has been a Racker for 13 years.

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