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Visualizing deep RL performance

“What tools do you use for visualization?" You often hear this question in deep learning and reinforcement learning (RL), which is even more common among those beginning to gain interest and run experiments.

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Using spot instances with Kubernetes kops

Originally published in May 2018, at

Running containerized applications with Amazon EKS is a popular choice, but it still requires a certain amount of manual configuration. There are several ways to get cheaper instances for your Kubernetes® Operations (kops) cluster, and we go through them in this article.

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How does machine learning work

Originally published in Oct 2018, at

For many people, the terms artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL) can cause major confusion in how they’re related. Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term, machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence, and deep learning is a subset of machine learning.

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Six principles to be successful in cloud computing

Originally published in Jun 2018, at

What is cloud computing in simple terms?

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Adobe Experience Manager in the Cloud

Organizations around the world are rapidly adopting public clouds. Either by moving legacy applications, building their own cloud-native applications, purchasing off-the-shelf software, or consuming Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that leverage underlying public cloud infrastructure.

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How data lakes and data warehouses support modern data architectures

Originally published on April 4, 2019 on

Now more than ever, businesses need to leverage data, not only to stay relevant in a highly competitive landscape but also to find new competitive edges. To solve data problems, businesses need to collect both application data from many systems within their operation and the data made available to them by their business partners.

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Leveraging AWS for a successful data engineering strategy

Originally published in May 2019, at

Everyone knows the potential of big data, but for some businesses, data and analytics still exist in a legacy world. This is a world of structured data that is stored within on-premises servers and analyzed with proprietary software.

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AWS Systems Manager run command simplifies hybrid cloud management

Originally pubished in May 2019, at

Although a hybrid cloud environment is not always ideal, clients who are facing certain limitations in their workloads might need it. If that’s your situation, we want to make sure you’re setting up your hybrid cloud architecture correctly.

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Scaling AWS for Black Friday: Best practices

Originally published on October 21, 2019 on

With the holiday season approaching, your online shopping site is likely to experience high volume traffic because events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are on schedule for their annual return. Black Friday raked up $6.22 billion in online sales in 2018, and with a sustained annual growth rate of between 20-25%, the 2020 holiday season is shaping up to be one of the biggest online shopping events yet.

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A guide to customizing the customer journey with Amazon Personalize

Originally published in Feb 2020, at

Amazon Personalize® is a machine learning (ML) service by AWS® that simplifies the process of building in personalization capabilities to recommend products and content on eCommerce platforms and websites.

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