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A guide to customizing the customer journey with amazon personalize

Originally published in Feb 2020, at

Amazon Personalize® is a machine learning (ML) service by AWS® that simplifies the process of building in personalization capabilities to recommend products and content on eCommerce platforms and websites.

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Serverless meets AWS machine learning: Improving business outcomes with Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Rekognition

In the first blog post in this series, I presented several architectural patterns that I considered to implement a simple website for showcasing images of nail polish designs for my imaginary nail polish salon. Among the approaches presented, the two serverless architectures with static website hosting were close runners that both allowed me to build a high performing and highly scalable solution that is quick to provision and easy to manage.

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A guide to predicting future outcomes with Amazon Forecast

Originally published in April 2019, at

Amazon Forecast® is a fully managed machine-learning service by AWS®, designed to help users produce highly accurate forecasts from time-series data. Amazon® uses machine learning to solve hard forecasting problems since 2000, improving 15X in accuracy over the last two decades. Amazon Forecast is perfect for a variety of business use cases, from financial and resource planning to predicting future performance and product demand across a wide spectrum of industries from retail to healthcare.

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Overview of the benefits of EBS on AWS

Most enterprises consider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems mission-critical, and there is a growing appetite for cloud adoption during greenfield, upgrade, and migration projects. Through my experience of managing Oracle® E-Business Suite® (EBS) projects on both traditional on-premise and public cloud environments, I’ve learned that AWS® offers considerable advantages over on-premise platforms.

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Modern cloud adoption paths: Which one is right for you?

Originally published on August 8, 2020 at

Cloud computing has been one of the more prominent technological phenomena in recent years. Companies across geographies and industries are turning to cloud services to access a range of features and capabilities that augment their products, simplify management, improve ROI, reduce capital expenditure, and significantly improve scalability to meet rapidly growing demand.

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Optimizing cloud costs with spend segmentation and chargeback

Originally published on June 25, 2020 at

Many public cloud customers are struggling to control costs, facing common challenges such as budget overruns or a lack of visibility into the drivers of spend. While elasticity in peaks and valleys of usage is a major benefit of a cloud environment, that same flexibility can cause you to incur costs and overrun budgets in advance of organizations' ability to control them. In order to effectively control cloud costs, you need the right combination of measurement and governance tools.

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Using an Exchange Management Server with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365® offers a wide assortment of great features to improve productivity, collaboration, security, device management, and so much more. For IT people, this adds another layer of management, including how to manage those users.

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Are you prepared for disaster recovery? A comparison of public cloud options—Part Three

This is part three of a three-part series explores disaster-recovery options, from models to environments to public cloud offerings. Are you ready?

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Introducing role-based access control on ObjectRocket

Originally published on September 25, 2019, at

Sharing logins is lame. It’s a necessary evil, however, and there are some scenarios where you just have to. When it comes to Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, it can be a real challenge as teams get larger and you don’t want to give everyone full control. The clear solution is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and we’ve enabled RBAC features on our hosting platform.

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Announcing Rackspace Government Cloud expansion and partnership with VMware and Dell

Rackspace Technology doubles down on Rackspace Government Cloud (RGC), expanding into the U.K. and leveraging strategic partners, VMware® and Dell Technologies®.

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