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Different types of OCI servers in the cloud

This post introduces types of servers available in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) cloud for different types of workloads. In a whitepaper, Oracle shares that OCI compute lets you provision and manage compute hosts, known as instances. After you launch an instance, you can access it securely from anywhere, restart or attach volumes and terminate when not needed. After it’s terminated, you loose the local drives and retain only the changes attached to volume.

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Introduction to Redis Sentinel

Originally published on Apr 28, 2015, at

Redis™ Sentinel provides a simple and automatic high availability (HA) solution for Redis. If you’re familiar with how MongoDB® elections work, this isn’t too far off. To start, you have a given primary replicating to a certain number of replicas. From there, you have Sentinel daemons running, either on your application servers or the servers on which Redis is running. These keep track of the primary’s health.

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How to take APEX backups

This post describes how to back up Oracle® Application Express (APEX).

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