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Autonomous Database Dedicated and Exadata cloud infrastructure

This post presents information from a variety of sources regarding Oracle® Autonomous Database Dedicated and Exadata® cloud infrastructure.

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Amazon Redshift: Best practices for optimizing query performance

Originally published on June 17, 2020 at

Organizations across a plethora of industries look to use data analytics for operations and other functions critical to success. However, as data volumes grow, management and value-extraction can become increasingly complex.

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Scaling distributed SQL with ObjectRocket for CockroachDB

Originally published in Aug 2019, at

CockroachDB® is part of the Rackspace ObjectRocket family of database technologies. The scaling abilities of CockroachDB are exciting, with data replication and distribution (maximizing high availability), automatic database rebalancing, and multi-geo data centers supporting data-domiciling compliance, to name a few. And all of this with high data integrity and distributed ACID transactions because the CockroachDB data resiliency is a must-have.

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Unified data platform: SQL Server 2019

In 2006, British mathematician Clive Robert Humby marked the words: “Data is the new Oil.” Since then, IT leaders have repeatedly heard this, resonated with the idea, and augmented it at every step.

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Ten quick tips for Redis

“Originally published in Mar 2015 at”

Redis® is an awesome tool, and the tech community loves it! It’s come a long way from being a small personal project from Antirez to being an industry-standard in-memory data storage. With that comes a set of best practices for using Redis properly. In this article, we explore ten quick tips on using Redis correctly.

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CockroachDB for the masses

Originally published on Sep 30, 2019, at

Historically, a managed service for CockroachDB might have been out of reach for many users who buy into the value of DBaaS. ObjectRocket’s Managed CockroachDB enables customers to leverage the power of CockroachDB for roughly $21/G of storage backed by a full SLA with a team of experts available 24x7x365, with the features that customers expect from an enterprise-level offering.

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ObjectRocket has single sign-on and role-based access control

Originally published in Sep 2019 at

If you read the ObjectRocket blog, you’re likely aware that we have several new features in our platform, and today we’ll talk about our new authentication system and some related changes.

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ObjectRocket Elasticsearch on AWS has landed

Originally published on Sep 17, 2019, at

We are happy to announce that the Rackspace ObjectRocket offering now includes Elasticsearch® version 7.2.1 (and previous versions), hosted on our ObjectRocket platform.

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Using Logstash to load CSV data into Elasticsearch

Originally published on Sep 10, 2015, at

Do you have a brand new Elasticsearch® instance, but all your useful data you’d like to search lives in a CSV file? No problem. Logstash® makes turning almost any data into something easily searchable in an Elasticsearch index.

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On the third day of Christmas, ObjectRocket gave to me: Three master nodes

Originally published on Dec 16, 2019, at

Hooray, yet more features on our ObjectRocket Elasticsearch offerings!

We’ve had great success with the Elasticsearch® product on Rackspace ObjectRocket and are excited about having dedicated master nodes! For those in need of larger, more reliable clusters, separating the master role responsibilities and assigning them to a dedicated node increases stability across your entire cluster.

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