Identify Long Running Jobs with Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is relatively a new, yet immensely popular tool, for scheduling workflows and automating tasks in a production environment.

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Install Jenkins X on AWS EKS cluster

This blog describes how to Install Jenkins X on AWS EKS cluster

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Jenkins X – An opinionated cloud native CI/CD tool (series blog-2)


Note: This blog is part 2 of a series of blog on Jenkins-X. For the First Article: Refer Here

As per GitHub official documentation, Organizations are shared accounts where businesses and open-source projects can collaborate across many projects at once. Owners and administrators can manage member access to the organization’s data and projects with sophisticated security and administrative features.

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Python: Automate Everyday Tasks!

Excel is one of the most popular tools used worldwide. Irrespective of the company size, be it corporate bigwigs or local grocery shops, or even maintaining a personal vacation budget, excel is a common tool used by all. Since every basic tabulation of data is preferred in an excel format, it’s only logical to keep it that way. However, automating recurring Excel tasks can be challenging, but we need not give up such a useful and widely accepted format altogether. One would argue the use of Power Query to automate a few steps or maybe VBA as an alternate, however, these methods are not very portable.

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Automation Tool to reset SAP passwords and the locking/unlocking of SAP users

It all started with a discussion with one of my colleagues who is working as an SAP security consultant.

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Transforming automated testing in the cloud with AI and ML

While the artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) phenomenon has been around for quite some time now, it was only in 2020 that digital transformation, and an overall shift to the cloud, became imperative for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors. Also, with the remote economy steadily rising, the focus on high-quality, readily scalable applications on the cloud has taken center stage on the average CTO’s agenda.

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Crashing through silos with the Rackspace Process Engineering Group

Let’s face it. Every business unintentionally develops silos or divisions within business units, and Rackspace is no different. A grassroots foundation that needs to be agile, competitive, and innovative, might enter markets without fully integrating organizations into core Rackspace tooling. Enter the Process Engineering Group (PEG).

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Hugo the Great - CI with Hugo and Azure DevOps

This post offers a small taste of Dutch history but, more importantly, an overview of how to user Azure DevOps to create a CI Pipeline for Hugo!

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Using S3 Events to Enable Business Processes

One of the things I love about working with Cloud is the various ways you can fit together different services to perform complex business functions in a relatively straight-forward manner.

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Dramatically Cut Costs with AWS Instance Scheduler

On-demand infrastructure, with its speed, agility, efficient use of resources and lower costs drives many organizations toward cloud adoption.

When used in conjunction with tools like CloudFormation or Terraform, users are able to provision and remove cloud infrastructure programmatically. This is typically referred to as Infrastructure as Code, or IaC, and is great for stateless resources.

However, what if some servers cannot be regularly re-provisioned from scratch? Does it mean they need to be up and running 24/7, even if only used during limited hours?

Fortunately not.

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