Scantron - A distributed nmap scanning framework

scantron robot


The Threat and Vulnerability Analysis team at Rackspace is charged with providing internal vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and red/purple teaming capabilities to reduce cyber-based threats, risk, and exposure for the company. One of our tasks, as part of meeting certain compliance objectives, is to ensure systems are not exposed from various networking “perspectives” without going through a bastion first.

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Oracle GoldenGate basics

This blog post explores the basics of OracleĀ® GoldenGateĀ® and its functions. Because it’s decoupled from the database architecture, GoldenGate facilitates heterogeneous and homogeneous real-time capture of transactional change data capture and integration.

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Oracle Database In-Memory Advisor

This post describes the OracleĀ® In-Memory Advisor (IMA), a feature of Database 12c, and describes its benefits. This feature is available in Oracle Database version and later.

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Hadoop ecosystem basics: Part 1

Originally published by Tricore: July 10, 2017

Apacheā„¢ HadoopĀ® is an open source, Java-based framework that’s designed to process huge amounts of data in a distributed computing environment. Doug Cutting and Mike Cafarella developed Hadoop, which was released in 2005.

Built on commodity hardware, Hadoop works on the basic assumption that hardware failures are common. The Hadoop framework addresses these failures.

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, we’ll cover big data, the Hadoop ecosystem, and some key components of the Hadoop framework.

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Hadoop ecosystem basics: Part 2

Originally published by Tricore: July 11, 2017

In Part 1 of this two-part series on Apacheā„¢ HadoopĀ®, we introduced the Hadoop ecosystem and the Hadoop framework. In Part 2, we cover more core components of the Hadoop framework, including those for querying, external integration, data exchange, coordination, and management. We also introduce a module that monitors Hadoop clusters.

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Introduction to Apache Cassandra

This blog gives an overview of the non-relational database, Apache Cassandraā„¢. It discusses its components and provides an understanding of how the database operates and manages data.

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c release 3 - New feature Parallel Replicat

Parallel Replicat is one of the new features introduced in Oracle Ā® GoldenGate 12c Release 3 ( Parallel Replicat is designed to help users to quickly load data into their environments by using multiple parallel mappers and threads.

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Oracle Exadata Flash Cache feature

This blog discusses the Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache feature and its architecture, including the write-back flash cache feature.

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The Benefits and Architecture of a Sitecore UAT Environment

Where do you conduct your User Acceptance Testing (UAT) activities? It’s a loaded question that many organizations have challenges addressing as they first need to obtain a clear definition of what what UAT is (and what it isn’t) before they even consider where UAT activities should occur. The benefits of a properly instituted UAT environment far outweigh the challenges, and the danger of not having one, but success requires a thoughtful and purposeful approach.

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Sitecore Enterprise Architecture for Global Publishing

Sitecore implementations with Content Delivery nodes in multiple locations must keep their databases and content in sync. The Sitecore Scaling Guide summarizes areas of concern, such as isolating CM and CD servers, enabling the Sitecore scalability settings, maintaining search indexes, etc. Sitecore runs on top of SQL Server, and one topic touched on in the Scaling Guide is SQL Server replication, and conveniently there is a Sitecore guide just for that specific subject. This guide explains how, with SQL Server Merge Replication, one can coordinate the content of Sitecore databases that are not in the same location. This is the starting point for what we at Rackspace have found to be a global publishing architecture that meets the needs of enterprise Sitecore customers.

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