Bullet-speed recovery using incrementally updated images

Minimizing downtime and increasing the database availability are essential objectives that every business aspires to achieve. Database Adminstrators (DBAs) are always looking for new ways to provide a faster recovery solution in case of any data file or complete database corruption failure. Starting with version 10g, the Oracle® Recovery Manager (RMAN) offers a feature called Incremental Merge Backups (IMB), which provides a solution to minimize the recovery time, especially for very large databases (VLDB).

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Avoid row chaining in a database

Originally published by Tricore: Dec 21, 2017

Row chaining is a bottleneck that causes disruption in database performance. We should avoid row chaining as much possible. In this blog, we’ll discuss row chaining, how to identify it, and how to remove or avoid it completely.

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An overview of LPN and shortcuts to mobile Telnet: Part 1

Originally published by Tricore: March 14, 2017

In this two-part series, we’ll discuss License Plate Numbers (LPN) in Oracle┬« Warehouse Management System (WMS), why and how to use them, as well as shortcut keys for Mobile Telnet, which is commonly known as PuTTy.

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AD Online Patching in Oracle applications

This blog describes the Oracle ® AD Online Patching (adop) utility phases, the patch process cycle steps, and some useful adop commands and tips.

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Oracle AD Online Patching errors and fixes

Originally published by Tricore: Aug 14, 2017

This blog describes the following common issues and solutions for the Oracle ® AD Online Patching (adop) utility:

  • Data dictionary corruption error
  • adop prepare failure
  • Forms object generation failure
  • adop cutover hang-up
  • Patch abort
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Introduction to Oracle Agent Gold Images

Originally published by Tricore: May 25, 2017

Agent Gold Image is a recent feature of Oracle® Enterprise Manager (OEM) that simplifies how you manage hosts and targets. This blog post provides an overview of Agent Gold Images and walks you through the process of using one to install an agent.

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Oracle 11g I/O calibration overview

Every time an Oracle ® Database reads or writes data to a disk, the database generates disk input and output (I/O) operations. The performance of many software applications is limited by disk I/O, and applications that spend the majority of central processing unit (CPU) time waiting for I/O activity to complete are I/O bound. I/O calibration helps to address this issue.

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c release 3 - New feature Parallel Replicat

Parallel Replicat is one of the new features introduced in Oracle ® GoldenGate 12c Release 3 ( Parallel Replicat is designed to help users to quickly load data into their environments by using multiple parallel mappers and threads.

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Oracle Exadata Flash Cache feature

This blog discusses the Oracle Exadata Smart Flash Cache feature and its architecture, including the write-back flash cache feature.

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Intro to Oracle RAC node weighting

In an Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) environment, all the instances or servers communicate with each other using high-speed interconnects on the private network. If the instance members in a RAC fail to ping or to connect to one other via this private interconnect, all the servers that are physically up and running (and the database instances on those servers) might end up in a condition known as split-brain.

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