Install WebLogic as a container in Docker Windows Platform

Docker is a containerized platform that is easier to create, deploy and run the application as containers. Container is just something that I can put everything into. What we can do is, we can bundle up code,application,packages,dependencies, and configuration files into a container then we can pick this container up and we can move wherever we want. That means we can run in Dev and same can in PROD. So that we can get exact environment every single time.

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AWS App Mesh - A first look

AWS App Mesh is the latest addition to the AWS product potfolio. To quote AWS: “AWS App Mesh makes it easy to monitor and control microservices running on AWS.” AWS App Mesh is in public preview as of this post, and we will take a brief look at it.

Why do you need a service mesh

With increased adoption of microservices, some challenges have surfaced for which a mesh is a solution. A microservice architecture consisting of 50 components may help agility with respect to development, rate of change and the overall flexibility, but with it comes a lack of observability which makes troubleshooting harder. The increased complexity with several hundred services talking to each other also makes management harder. A Service mesh helps manage the complexity of these deployments. It helps improve visibility of the connections between services and, in doing so helps with troubleshooting, management, and security. Service mesh uses network proxies to govern the flow of traffic. By placing itself in the path for all connections in your microservices architecture, it can apply control policies & collect metrics. Service meshes also decouples the application logic from the operational logic by adding a layer that is responsible for how the services connect to each other.

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