DNS v2.0

At Rackspace Technology, we’re constantly upgrading and updating our systems to meet the security and convenience of our customers.

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Web proxy server and deployment

A proxy server is a computer system that sits between the client that requests a web document and the target server (another computer system) that serves the document. In its simplest form, a proxy server facilitates communication between the client and the target server without modifying requests or replies.

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DevOps automation series: Images vs. config management

A question that often comes up is “why should I use config management when I can just use images?” In this article, we’ll explore the differences between images and configuration management, and talk about the benefits and drawbacks of each.

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Using Cloud-init with Rackspace cloud

It goes without saying that booting and configuring a server manually every time you need one gets old fast. Thankfully there are a number of tools to help with orchestration and automation available to you. 

To list a few you can:

  • create a ‘golden image’ of a server’s desired state.
  • learn and setup Chef/Puppet/Salt Stack to manage your infrastructure.
  • use Rackspace’s Cloud Deployments to spin up an environment.
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Step-by-step walkthrough to using Chef to bootstrap Windows nodes on the Rackspace Cloud

If you are a frequent reader of this blog you will have seen Hart’s posts about “Cooking with Chef”:

Further to these there are also a lot of tutorials on the internet. Most of them seem to focus on using chef to deploy/manage Linux servers but you will have a hard time to find a lot for doing the same on Windows Servers (Yes, Windows as in Microsoft Windows).

I have therefore sat down and put together a detailed step-by-step walkthrough that will guide you through installing your own Open Source Chef Server on a Rackspace Cloud Server running CentOS 6.4, installing the knife-windows plugin and then spinning up, bootstrapping and installing IIS on a Windows Server 2012 Rackspace Cloud Server without logging on to it once. Read on, if you dare…

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