Cloud Files directory listing

My last holiday took me to Morocco, where me and a couple of friends used motorbikes to travel through the country. To have something to show off back home, we used small cameras mounted on the bikes to film everything. At the end of the trip, our group had filmed about 10 gigabytes of footage and I was put in charge to gather and distribute these files amongst ourselves.

I uploaded all the footage - roughly 55 videos - to a Cloud Files container, b ut obviously I didn’t want to give my portal username and password to my friends. Also, there is no option to generate an index file within Cloud Files, so the only option left to me was to send everyone the 55 video URLs separately. Clearly, a different solution was needed. And so I built one myself.

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Upload files directly to Rackspace Cloud Files from the browser

We needed to let users take files (possibly really big files) from their hard drive and push them straight to the Rackspace Cloud Files storage service

We don’t want the upload traffic anywhere near our servers.

This is available on github:

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Welcome, Mailgun!

Rackspace has acquired Mailgun. Mailgun simplifies email integration into websites and applications. Developers can easily use their powerful set of APIs to send, receive, and track email effortlessly – without managing an email server or becoming an expert in email setup, operations and deliverability. Mailgun is built for developers. It has server-side MIME assembly, which means that no libraries are required. The service allows you to receive event notifications via a webhook, and everything is priced to scale as you scale.

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