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AWS Everywhere: Building the new hybrid cloud with AWS Outposts

Originally published on June 22, 2020 at

The adoption of hybrid technologies continues to boom. Businesses with legacy systems look to the cloud to take advantage of powerful benefits that enable them to drive growth, foster innovation, and enhance the customer experience. Recent studies indicate that almost 95% of all enterprises are adopting some form of public cloud. 87% of these companies have a hybrid cloud approach as part of their strategy. While enterprises are clearly ready to embrace the cloud, many remain grounded in the reality that certain workloads need to be on-premise for the foreseeable future.

As organizations continue to grapple with their hybrid strategy, Amazon Web Services® (AWS) Outposts has emerged as a powerful hybrid enabler that can seamlessly extend your AWS footprint from on-premises to the cloud. While the typical complex hybrid approach often forces organizations to prioritize compatibility at the expense of leveraging the full potential of native cloud capabilities, AWS Outposts unlocks the power of the AWS-powered platform, regardless of location, for a truly consistent hybrid experience. We call this approach Hybrid 2.0, and it’s powered by AWS Outposts.

Redefining hybrid with AWS Outposts

As public cloud adoption has evolved, so have the approaches used for hybrid deployments. One of the most interesting developments in recent years is the global introduction of AWS Outposts at the tail end of 2018.

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends the AWS platform into virtually any data-center location by using a pre-built, pre-configured, consistent, and evolving hardware solution that seamlessly integrates into the global AWS footprint. AWS Outposts provides the same hardware platform, APIs, tooling, and services to your on-premises and cloud systems for a consistent hybrid experience.

This approach avoids past agnosticism to offer the benefits of a single cloud-native AWS-powered platform to customers that need to remain on-premises due to latency, data sovereignty, or other legacy requirements. Sometimes, customers might also choose to leverage AWS Outposts as a stepping stone to the cloud when their infrastructure is too complex and tightly woven to justify fracturing it. AWS Outposts can give customers the opportunity to understand how to operate and maintain things in the cloud before going all in.

Cloud-native anywhere

Hybrid computing strategies previously focused on crafting complex, on-premise solutions to give the elasticity of the public cloud while also being compatible with ever-changing public cloud platforms. This often reduced technology platforms to the least-common-denominator to ensure robust compatibility, making the costly tradeoff to forgo the adoption of modern, cloud-native technologies. For this reason, nearly 71% of enterprise applications still remain on-premise, often without any cloud-focused modernization opportunities.

AWS Outposts addresses these challenges head-on by redefining hybrid computing through a modern, cloud-native lens. Customers can now develop and deploy in the AWS cloud or on-premises without having to rewrite applications. With AWS Outposts, you have the same hardware and software infrastructure and a consistent set of services and tools across your AWS cloud and on-premises environments to build and run modern, cloud-native applications anywhere.

What’s next?

As cloud ecosystems welcome a new wave of modern hybrid approaches, you now have the option to build portable, automated, cloud-native solutions on-premises while getting used to new programming and management models, then move the infrastructure when you’re ready. If you’re interested in adopting AWS Outposts, it’s important to not only consider the requirements for implementation but also how AWS Outposts will fit into your larger cloud migration journey.

If you want to learn more about AWS Outposts or discuss whether it’s the right fit for your unique use cases, check out our on-demand AWS Outposts webinar Hybrid 2.0: Cloud Native Anywhere Powered by AWS Outposts. Onica and AWS share some top considerations for your AWS Outposts adoption and best practices for your AWS Outposts migration project, pricing models, location, implementation, optimization, and beyond.

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