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Use the Oracle Database refreshable clone featureā€”Part Two: Demonstration

Part one of the series provides an introduction to OracleĀ® refreshable clones, including when and why to use them. In this post, I demonstrate how to set up, configure, maintain, and drop a refreshable clone pluggable database (PDB) in Oracle 18c.

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Use the Oracle Database refreshable clone featureā€”Part One: Introduction

The OracleĀ® Database 18c for Enterprise Edition on Cloud bundles engineered systems (Exadata) with many new and improved features. Release 18c improves the refreshable clone feature from the 12c release 2 by adding a quick switchover or failover facility. You can also create a snapshot carousel to clone or replicate pluggable databases (PDBs) in a multitenant environment.

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Troubleshooting hung Oracle databases and sessions with Real-Time ADDM

OracleĀ® Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c and 13c includes many performance analysis tools, including a support tool, called OEM Real-Time Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (Real-Time ADDM), for the Oracle DBA to use for troubleshooting or tuning real-time, ongoing performance issues. This blog shares knowledge about practical use of Real-Time ADDM to identify and survive an emergency due to any type of database health problems, such as 100% session, process utilization, or exceeding the predefined critical limits setup for input/output (I/O), memory, or interconnect limits. In such cases, Real-Time ADDM is a very handy tool, and provides the capability to do deeper real-time and realistic ADDM analysis of database health, so let’s compare RADDM vs. ADDM.

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