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Scaling distributed SQL with ObjectRocket for CockroachDB

Originally published in Aug 2019, at

CockroachDB® is part of the Rackspace ObjectRocket family of database technologies. The scaling abilities of CockroachDB are exciting, with data replication and distribution (maximizing high availability), automatic database rebalancing, and multi-geo data centers supporting data-domiciling compliance, to name a few. And all of this with high data integrity and distributed ACID transactions because the CockroachDB data resiliency is a must-have.

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CockroachDB for the masses

Originally published on Sep 30, 2019, at

Historically, a managed service for CockroachDB might have been out of reach for many users who buy into the value of DBaaS. ObjectRocket’s Managed CockroachDB enables customers to leverage the power of CockroachDB for roughly $21/G of storage backed by a full SLA with a team of experts available 24x7x365, with the features that customers expect from an enterprise-level offering.

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