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Managed Timescale on the Object Rocket service

Originally published on May 4, 2020 at

Rackspace Technology is excited to add yet another general availability data store to the ObjectRocket platform in both AWS® and GCP®.

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Top five Elasticsearch use cases

Originally published on May 16, 2017, at

Other than “you know, for searching,” the uses of Elasticsearch® continue to grow and change over time. At ObjectRocket, we’ve offered hosted Elasticsearch on our platform for a while now. We see clear trends among our customers and how they’re using the product. In this post, we share the top five ElasticSearch use cases that we see on the ObjectRocket platform.

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How to restore Postgres backups in ObjectRocket

Originally published on February 6, 2020 at

Database administration duties include taking and restoring regular backups, which is a critical component. ObjectRocket includes daily backups with a two-week retention and enables those backups by default on all of our database products.

The ObjectRocket PostgreSQL® (Postgres) offering adds a bonus, Write Ahead Log (WAL) archiving and the ability to restore to any time within the retention window.

This post walks you through point-in-time recovery (PITR) with Postgres on the ObjectRocket service.

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Announcing the launch of the ObjectRocket DBaaS Service Block

Rackspace is launching production-tested datastores in ObjectRocket, a simple-to-use and dependable cloud Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform.

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Manage PostgreSQL extensions on the ObjectRocket service

Originally published February 13, 2020 at

The PostgreSQL® (Postgres®) extensions ecosystem is extremely robust and provides a wide array of additional capabilities to Postgres.

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