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ObjectRocket has single sign-on and role-based access control

Originally published in Sep 2019 at

If you read the ObjectRocket blog, you’re likely aware that we have several new features in our platform, and today we’ll talk about our new authentication system and some related changes.

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ObjectRocket Elasticsearch on AWS has landed

Originally published on Sep 17, 2019, at

We are happy to announce that the Rackspace ObjectRocket offering now includes Elasticsearch® version 7.2.1 (and previous versions), hosted on our ObjectRocket platform.

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Introducing role-based access control on ObjectRocket

Originally published on September 25, 2019, at

Sharing logins is lame. It’s a necessary evil, however, and there are some scenarios where you just have to. When it comes to Software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings, it can be a real challenge as teams get larger and you don’t want to give everyone full control. The clear solution is Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and we’ve enabled RBAC features on our hosting platform.

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On the second day of Christmas, ObjectRocket gave to me: Two high-availability PostgresSQL replicas

Originally published on Dec 12, 2019, at

The holidays are coming, and this season marks a one-year anniversary of an important milestone in the Rackspace ObjectRocket history. Just in time for the 2019 holiday season, we introduced High Availability (HA) on the ObjectRocket PostgreSQL® service. Every datastore we offer on ObjectRocket is built for production workloads, requiring HA for all our clients.

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PostgreSQL on Rackspace ObjectRocket reaches general availability

Originally published on January 30, 2020, at

We first made our PostgreSQL service available in 2019, and we’re pleased to announce that PostgreSQL is Generally Available (GA). We’ve provided updates along the way, and just like our other recent GA products (CockroachDB and Elasticsearch), we wanted to ensure its success. We’re excited to reach this milestone and to share it with you all.

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Postgres backups and how to restore them on object rocket

Originally published on Feb 6, 2020, at

Regular backups and the ability to restore them is a critical piece of database system administration. At Rackspace ObjectRocket, we provide you with daily backups with two-week retention by default on all of our database products.

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How to choose between PostgreSQL and CockroachDB

Originally published on Aug 15, 2019 at

As CockroachDB® and PostgreSQL® have consolidated a place in the market when it comes to relational workloads, many folks have started asking which they should choose. CockroachDB offers true global-scale SQL with distributed transactions and horizontal read/write scaling built-in for unprecedented scale, resiliency, and performance for SQL workloads. However, there are still some scenarios where PostgreSQL might just be a better fit.

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How to connect to multiple Elasticsearch client nodes without a load balancer

Originally published on Nov 10, 2017, at

Since all Rackspace ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch® clusters come with multiple client nodes, a common question we get from our customers is why we don’t provide a load balancer to connect to all of them.

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Configure Elasticsearch to use S3 for snapshots

Originally published on March 2, 2017, at

Data platforms continue to expand and transform, but one aspect never seems to change—everyone still wants a backup copy of their data! This walkthrough shows you how to leverage the S3 repository plugin with your Rackspace ObjectRocket for Elasticsearch® instance.

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Introducing metrics dashboards on ObjectRocket

Originally published on September 9, 2019, at

Our mission at Rackspace ObjectRocket is to put our customers’ databases on autopilot, so you don’t have to worry about your data and focus on building great apps. However, even if your database is on autopilot, maintaining system observability is still an important goal.

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