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Rackspace Cloud Native Security

In 2009, over 12 million malware infections were reported globally. By 2018, this increased to over 812 million detected threats. The sophistication of these attacks multiplies rapidly—it’s a nearly impossible task to be on top of security threats without having a dedicated team to manage and operate the effort. Security threats come in many different forms. For example, cybercrime has increased by 600% due to the COVID19 outbreak. Very few would have predicted a pandemic would open us to more cybercrime.

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AWS multi-account management with Landing Zone

Currently, enterprises are looking for more sophisticated ways of managing their multi-account Amazon® Web Services (AWS) environments with AWS best practices, while at the same time incorporating their internal governance and security mandates.

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AWS Transit Gateway made easier with inter-region peering

With Amazon® Web Services (AWS), you have many paths to success and an abundance of tools at your disposal for meeting your individual goals based on your circumstances. Furthermore, AWS consistently adds new features and services to make our lives that little bit easier.

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