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DoH—toward more privacy

The Domain Name System (DNS) serves as the address book for the internet. Because they built DNS with scalability and consistency in mind, the developers did not consider how it could be exploited, manipulated, misused, or even harnessed for good.

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TLS 1.3: Stronger, better, faster

The vast majority of all traffic on the Internet is encrypted. It took almost 20 years to get to about 40 percent encrypted, and then we jumped another 40 percent plus in just the last four years (source: Google Transparency Report).

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QUIC: A game changer

With the proliferation of mobile and web applications, latency has certainly become a huge deal on the Internet of today. The Internet is a very competitive environment, and users are becoming more and more content hungry and certainly impatient with latency.

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Bringing the cloud to the edge

The internet of things (IoT) keeps expanding and creating opportunities in many different areas and thereby shaping new business models that meet customers' needs. Opportunities, productivity, and growth all rely on data.

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